Save up to 42% off the running costs of an Electric Vehicle with the Electric Car Discount amendment bill

Ford Ranger XLS 2.0 4X4 Double Cab Auto

Includes $113 p/w in running costs

Tax savings: 0

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Why a Novated Lease?

A Novated Lease is a tax effective form of financing your vehicle. It allows you to pay for the vehicle and all it’s associated running costs using pre & post tax money. This method reduces your taxable income resulting in savings of thousands

  • Pay Less Tax

    Make repayments, maintenance, fuel / charging, insurance and even registration from your pre-tax income, and reduce the amount of tax you pay upfront.

  • GST Savings

    As Novated Lease finance is treated as a business transaction, this means you don’t have to pay the GST on the purchase price of the vehicle. Saving you effectively 10% on the vehicle price straight up! You also save the GST on your running costs

  • Leasing options

    A range of novated car lease options allows you to choose those with flexible terms, fixed interest rates, and no deposit requirement.

  • Flexible Vehicle Choice

    You can package any vehicle (new, used and even existing) We can even offer a refinance option to potentially re-gain some of the benefit you have missed out on over your remaining finance term.

  • End of Term Profit

    If you wish to sell or trade-in your vehicle at the end of the term, any profit above the residual value is yours to keep TAX-FREE

  • Employer options

    You can choose the car you want and take it with you to your next job if you change employers.

What people say

Alisha Thompson

Wonderful experience, the whole team was very patient with me. I took just over a year to decide. Tiarne checked in with me and explained the entire process thoroughly she was great. Highly recommend. Now she has the pleasure of all five of my colleagues wanting the same.

Alisha Thompson
Ryan O’Callaghan

I just finished the process of getting a novated lease with Tiarne from PSP and I must say, the experience was outstanding. Tiarne was incredible helpful through the process as I had quite a few questions and she was so easy to work with. The experience was seamless and finished in just a couple of days. Thanks so much Tiarne and PSP

Ryan O’Callaghan
Louise N

Awesome experience with Tiarne at PSP! Thank you so much! I cannot believe I’m in my first ever new car. That would have not been possible without Tiarne’s help. Clear communication, quick response, reliable availability to answer calls and texts, great rate and honest follow through. Will def recommend the services of PSP. Thank you. Really appreciate your help.

Louise N
Ed Stephens

Tiarne was extremely helpful and responsive, everything she sent through to me was accurate and included any updates I had emailed through. Everything needed from me was clearly communicated well ahead of time and the process to sign up was all done easily online.

Ed Stephens
Tammy Elmes

Jessica Baigent is an extremely experienced Leasing Finance Specialist. She is 100% committed to her clients finding the best available options. She has made the leasing process super easy and is very knowledgeable about her broad range of products and services.

Tammy Elmes
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