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About Positive Salary Packaging

Positive Salary Packaging is a new company with decades of experience in finance, credit, accounting and salary packaging.

We’re here to transform the way that employees and employers view salary packaging and create a transparent easy process that allows the vast majority of the workforce to save income tax.

Our Board has over 70 years experience in Finance, Credit, Accounting and Salary Packaging and oversees operations to ensure we are meeting all legislative requirements and client needs whilst ensuring we are meeting our clients’ expectations.

Always a positive experience

We have witnessed our large competitors often fail to engage meaningfully with their clients, often resulting in less than satisfactory experiences.

We are committed to our consultative approach enabling a delivery of product and service that will result in a Positive experience.

We take the time to understand our clients and ensure that their packaging is tailored to suit their individual needs.

We assist Governments, Private and Public businesses of all sizes and types around Australia.

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Our board

Josh Lawson

Executive Director

Tim Wells


Cameron McNally

Executive Director

James Herraman

Executive Director

Tom Caesar

Executive Director

Jennifer Ma


Our Executive Management Team

Jessica Baigent

Novated Leasing Manager

Ben Fridolf

Client Services Manager

Dan Wieland

Operations Manager

Adam McGilchrist

General Manager – Operations and Credit

Scott Harmer

General Manager – Sales and Distribution

Why choose Positive Salary Packaging?


Positive Salary Packaging integrates with a variety of accounting software. No matter if you’re using Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks or another system, the Positive team ensures a simple ‘set and forget’ setup and integration.

Flexibility without barriers – how things should be.


The Positive team is here to answer your and your employees questions. We understand that concerns and questions arise when it comes to salary packaging, and we’re by your side – online, over the phone or in-person.

Positive provides support before, during and after sales.

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