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The simpler way to maximise your income and get the car you want with a Novated Lease


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Salary Packaging

Our salary packaging programs offer benefits tailored to suit all lifestyles & budgets. Fully approved and supported by the Australian Tax Office, find out how you can cover your expenses with untaxed income.

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Novated Leasing

Positive Salary Packaging has the buying & negotiating power of Australia-wide financiers to offer clients top deals on new & used vehicles. Novated leasing delivers tax-effective solutions on the vehicle you and your family need – and want.

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Simple process without stress. I should have started salary sacrificing years ago. I’ve already recommended Positive Salary Packaging to my manager.

Amanda, 25Aged Care Worker

Positive Novated Lease packages include:


Pay your car loan repayments before paying your income tax. This means using untaxed dollars directly from your employer to finance that ideal vehicle. Low rates, streamlined options.

Vehical Expenses

Fuel, registration, insurance, tyres, roadside assistance, maintenance & servicing. ALL covered with untaxed dollars, all tailored to amounts suited to your circumstances. Say goodbye to running a car from your in-account income.


Positive Salary Packaging provides you with support over the phone, online, or in-person – before, during and after tailoring your package. Any questions or concerns, we’re one call or click away.


With a Positive Novated Lease, your employer uses your untaxed income to pay vehicle expenses and other designated living expenses from your pre-taxed income. No more bill-shock and no more bills piling up.

Designed For You

Our tailoring options allow you to control exactly how much or how little you pay, and towards what. Have the flexibility to control your expenses & income as you see fit. No lock-ins, no overspending, no fuss.

Tax Effective

The main benefit of salary packaging and novated leasing is reducing your income tax. Positive Salary Packaging agreements and benefits are 100% approved and encouraged by the ATO. Start saving today.

Online Account Portal

Positive Salary Packaging is all about making life simple, which is why Positive offers clients access to an online portal. The portal is an easy way to view balances, scheduled payments and more!

Vehicle Salary Packaging Solutions

See what Positive Salary Packaging can do for you today. Simply hit the button and send us an enquiry to get started.

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