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What does salary packaging mean for employers?

Offering a salary packaging program to your employees not only provides benefits at no extra cost to your organisation, but also positions you as an employer of choice.

Organisations we work with report increased employee retention and enhanced recruitment.

  • GST saving

  • Reduced income tax

  • Transparency

  • Positive outcomes

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Common questions

It is possible to switch from a car loan to a Novated Lease. The specifics will depend on the terms of your current loan, any early repayment fees, and the agreement with your leasing provider. Consulting with Positive Salary Packaging will give you a clear picture of the steps involved and any associated costs.

Yes, you can lease a used car using this method. However, the specific terms and conditions might vary based the age or condition of the used vehicle. It’s essential to check with your us for the exact requirements and potential limitations.

No, the Novated Lease Operating Cost Method is different from a Business Operating Lease. A Business Operating Lease is an agreement where a business leases a vehicle for a set period, after which the vehicle is returned to the lessor. In contrast, the Novated Lease Operating Cost Method is an arrangement between an employee, employer, and a leasing company, where the employee can lease their personal vehicle through salary packaging, factoring in a business use percentage for potential tax savings.

Employers can benefit in several ways, including reduced fleet management responsibilities, potential GST credits on operating costs, and the ability to offer an attractive incentive for employee attraction and retention.

Why choose Positive Salary Packaging?


Positive Salary Packaging integrates with a variety of accounting software. No matter if you’re using Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks or another system, the Positive team ensures a simple ‘set and forget’ setup and integration.

Flexibility without barriers – how things should be.


The Positive team is here to answer your and your employees questions. We understand that concerns and questions arise when it comes to salary packaging, and we’re by your side – online, over the phone or in-person.

Positive provides support before, during and after sales.