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If you’ve decided to reap the rewards of vehicle salary packaging, choosing a car is an important step. Often, the best novated leasing cars are the ones that suit the drivers.

We take a look at some of the best novated leasing cars.

Make sure you know the difference between novated leasing and vehicle salary packaging.

What vehicles make good novated leasing cars?

Similarly to a traditional car loan, you’ll need to make sure the vehicle is not too old at the end of the finance term. Different lenders have different requirements, but generally, selecting a vehicle that’s no more than a few years old is ideal. You’ll also get the latest safety features and driver assist technology.

Best Novated Leasing Cars


Ford Ranger

Ford’s high-selling, super-popular ute offers off-road ability, huge cargo space and passenger comfort. With its large array of trim levels, make sure to select one that matches your driving needs.

Both 4×4 and 4×2 variants are available along with two different engine sizes. Prices reflect these variants along with additional features and cosmetic upgrades.

The ‘Wildtrak X’, only available in dual-cab configuration, is a popular higher-trim choice for many owners. This option adds bi-LED headlights, a snorkel, nudge bar, 18-inch alloy wheels and an updated interior.

Toyota HiLux

Another Aussie favourite, the HiLux has been Australia’s best seller since 2016 – although the Ford Ranger is closing in on the numbers. The HiLux boasts excellent reliability, build quality and a high resale value.

Like the Ranger above, make sure to check out the different trim levels as there are numerous options.

The ‘SR5’ is the popular choice while the ‘Rugged X’ is the top-trim level.

The HiLux is now in its 8th generation after initially being released way back in the late 1960s. With decades of refinement behind it, it’s no wonder that the HiLux is such a huge seller.

Mitsubishi Triton

One of the Triton’s biggest brags is its massive 10-year / 200,000km warranty – one of Australia’s longest. To get a full 10 years, you’ll need to meet certain requirements when servicing but the peace of mind can be a huge selling point to some owners.

Alongside Mitsubishi‘s generous warranty is the overall lower purchase price compared to the HiLux and Ranger but it still faces competition from Nissan’s Navara which is similarly priced.

The Triton does have some noticeable (cheaper) build qualities compared to more expensive utes, but offers excellent value for money.


Mazda CX-5

With its 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, the CX-5 has excellent fuel efficiency – 6.9L/100km (combined, manufacturer claimed). The CX-5 gets top points for comfort and ride around town and the suburbs and is often a vehicle of choice for families. The interior, although very comfortable, isn’t too delicate which suits transporting kids to and from sports games.

Depending on the trim level, the CX-5 also offers a packed suite of driver assist equipment but do a little bit of reading as some models might be lacking a feature you require.

Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series

The full-size ‘LC’ is another Aussie favourite, especially on regional highways. In fact, it’s pretty difficult not seeing a few when traveling out of town in Australia.

For good reason too. The LandCruiser offers luxury x comfort x reliability x off-road ability, which equals a pretty attractive package, however your bank account will know about it. The current model of LandCruiser comes with a 4.5L V8 twin-turbo diesel engine – capable of tackling most off-road terrain or raising the Titanic.

Note that Toyota is discontinuing the V8 engine which has resulted in high prices as enthusiasts rush to buy.

Subaru Forester

Subaru has a loyal following in the car world. The brand’s simple-to-understand lineup has something for everyone – from the Levorg and Liberty for sedan and wagon drivers to the high performance BRZ and WRX STi for performance enthusiasts. The medium-SUV offering is the popular Forester.

The Forester’s stylish looks and Subaru build quality (that means durable and user-friendly) add to its appeal. All Foresters are AWD so it offers reasonable drivability on mild uneven terrains. However, it’s no off-roader like some other vehicles on this list.

The Forester has sharp maneuverability and good fuel economy, making it ideal suburban – urban family transportation.

Small cars

Hyundai i30

The i30 has consistently ranked among Australia’s favourite cars. But the popularity and high sales numbers didn’t happen overnight. Launched in 2007, the i30, also previously known as the ‘Elantra’, proved reliable yet not too exciting among consumers.

Bolstered by Hyundai’s improving customer service, strong warranty and ever-improving build and ride quality, the i30, now in its 5th evolution (including re-tweaks and facelifts) delivers an exciting and reliable ride.

The ‘N Performance’ model is the most exciting with its 2.0L engine over the 1.6L in lower trim levels.

Audi A3

Audi’s stylish A3 range includes a hatchback, sedan and a convertible suiting mainly urban and suburban tastes. However, the A3 can still provide a comfortable weekend getaway option with its quiet and refined interior feel.

Powering the A3 are two engine choices; a 110kW 1.4L turbo and a140kW 2.0L turbo – both delivering excellent fuel economy. Audi also doesn’t shy away from offering tech and driver assist features – even the base model comes with autonomous emergency braking, reverse camera and blind-spot monitoring. You also get Audi’s virtual cockpit with digital instrumentation.
An all-wheel-drive version is also offered in higher trim levels.

Get into novated leasing cars

It’s easy. Novated leasing for vehicles, also known as vehicle salary packaging, comes with a host of benefits for a wide range of industries in Australia.

Benefits available include paying part of a car loan and vehicle expenses with pre-taxed income. This means a lower taxable income.

To find out more about how you can benefit and get into a new car for less, contract the team today for a fast, no obligation chat.

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