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Purchasing a new car can be tough and with the horror stories and misinformation in the market place it can be fraught with danger of over paying or not getting what you actually need or require. Below is the list of the key things to do when deciding on your next car.

Who is the car for – Is this a car for your daughter or wife, is it for a tradie dad or is it going to be a household runabout used to go to the train station everyday. Map out who is going to be using the car and then decide what its use will really be. A commuting car to and from the train station is going to be very different compared to purchase compared to a family wagon used for weekend getaways and the annual holiday migration.

Vehicle Size – Having determined who the car is for, you will know key items like seating requirements, body shape and the necessary features that the car requires. A family wagon or SUV needs things like good ventilation systems and air conditioning into the rear of the car for those long trips, a ute for an electrician or plumber will require both tray space and comfort as a mobile office whilst doubling for school pickups in the afternoon.

Boot or Hatch Size – Not only is the size of your vehicle important but the cargo holding ability is crucial. When looking for a vehicle ensure that the hatch or boot area is big enough to live with. For example if you have a pram or stroller will it fit in the boot with the shopping or will your kids cricket bags fit in the boot as well? It might sound simple but check when you are at the dealership, most dealers will accommodate the need to test and check these things.

Garaging and Parking – Got a difficult drive away or narrow parking space at home or work. It might be a good idea to check the dimension of the overall vehicle to ensure that it will fit. Many car parks have height restrictions of only 1.8m meaning that a new Hilux or Amarok could be off the table unless you want to pay for parking elsewhere.
If you have a steep drive away it might be worth checking that the car can make the entry and exit angles, without scraping the bumpers every time you leave your home.

Engine type – If the vehicle has multiple engine options it is worth comparing what you need to use the vehicle for. As an example buying a vehicle to tow a horse float, generally the largest capacity engine or higher output is the best idea to ensure that you have the ability to tow with ease and have plenty of power on tap to take Mr Ed to your next club comp. In the same way that buying a smaller engine may be suitable for a car used for teenage kids or commuting to and from the station where power or speed is simply not a factor, saving both initial purchase price and fuel usage long term.

Waiting time – It is no secret in the current market that wait times have increased dramatically when purchasing a car. In most cases raising from 4-6 week wait to a 6-12 week time frame. This can have an impact on what vehicle is available for your purchase also. If you need to replace a car immediately due to an accident or write off you may have to compromise somewhat on your requirements or look at catching the bus for some time.

Price – And the final key point is price, once you have decided what type of vehicle meets your needs and requirements. All you have to do is get the best price out of the salesperson at the dealership. This can be overwhelming and somewhat intimidating when dealing with an experienced negotiator that knows every trick in the book. This is where Positive Salary Packaging can really help with years of experience negotiating car purchases for our novate clients, we can ensure that you get the best deal on your new car in the quickest possible time frame.

So once you have decided what type of car suits your needs, requirements and situation. Speak to Positive Salary Packaging to work out how to get the best deal on your next car and save money on the initial purchase price along with the generous GST savings on offer due to the novation.

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